East Hoathly with Halland 

Neighbourhood Development Plan

A Vision for our Parish

2019 to 2028

East Hoathly with Halland has embarked on preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).  This work began in 2017 and has been progressing amidst the evolution of the Wealden Local Plan which is currently undergoing examination by the Government Planning Inspectorate.  This website charts that progress of the work already done and gives you the opportunity to examine the documents that support our emerging NDP.  You are all most welcome to come to our Consultation Events and have your say.  You may wish to get involved, visit our public events or just make a comment via this website.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan is a document that sets out planning policies for the neighbourhood area – planning policies are used to decide whether to approve planning applications.

Written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, rather than the Local Planning Authority.

A powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development, in the right place.

If you want to read our latest Draft of the emerging Parish NDP, click here.

If you want to get more information about Neighbourhood Plans then have a look at the Process section and in our Document Library.

We have been working on a Neighbourhood Plan since 2017 and in early 2018 held a series of Consultation Events to get your views.  Wealden published their Submission Local Plan in mid 2018 with a significantly changed package for our Parish. This gave us an allowance of 48 new homes from 2017 to 2028.  Permissions have already been granted (as at May 2019) for 27 of these homes leaving a residual allowance of 21 homes until 2028.  Wealden’s Local Plan is now with the Planning Inspectorate and should be approved, amended or rejected later this Summer.

Protecting the Ashdown Forest from pollution is the cornerstone of the Wealden Local Plan that has indirectly protected our Parish by pushing the bulk of the planned housing to the South.  Natural England have challenged the need for the level of protection proposed by Wealden for the Forest and this conflict will be resolved by the Planning Inspector.

However, there are also large planning applications for our Parish submitted to Wealden amounting to potentially 350 + homes.  Developers are trying to get these approved on the basis that Wealden’s Local Plan is not yet approved.

So, you may well ask, why are we bothering to continue with a Neighbourhood Plan ?  The answer is simple.  It would provide the following benefits irrespective of the amount of housing that we eventually have to deal with:

Enhanced Protection - many of our treasured assets are already protected by being Listed, part of the Conservation Area or designated as things such as Ancient Woodland.  A Neighbourhood Plan provides the opportunity to review these assets and begin the process to enhance these protections. It will enable us to review how we make use of these assets and how they might be improved. It also allows us to identify Green Spaces that will be given significant protection from future development.

Shape the future of our Parish - to have the opportunity to get the right type of development in the right place.

Community Led Housing - a Neighbourhood Plan allows us to support a project for a Community Land Trust that will provide low rent houses for local families that will remain outside the private sector.

More Cash for the Parish - any development that takes place in the Parish provides a cash levy to Wealden to help fund infrastructure projects (mostly outside our Parish). The Parish gets 15% of this cash. With a Neighbourhood Plan in place the Parish would get 25% to help improve Parish infrastructure.

What’s Next ?

Wealden have recently approved the draft of the first part of our Plan and this can be seen in the Draft NDP section.

We held a Consultation Event on Thursday 12 September 2019.

The participants were briefed on the current situation and the draft Vision and Objectives.  They were then split into small groups and worked on a series of Tasks examining specific ideas related to the Neighbourhood Plan.  

The Steering Group were delighted that 67 people attended the two sessions and provided us with a huge amount of feedback on the work already undertaken.  The Steering Group thanks those who took part and engaged so fully in the Tasks they were set.  Each session lasted 2 1/2 hours and people were so fully committed it proved difficult to end the sessions.

The Vision and Objectives were wholeheartedly approved by all those attending with one caveat that the Vision should be amended to include mention of all age-groups in the Parish.

The results are being consolidated now and will be published on the website in due course.  The Steering Group will take forward the most promising ideas and incorporate them into the next stage of the process when we write the Policy Section of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Many thanks and well done to those who took part.

If you enjoyed the sessions, why not get involved with the Steering Goup ?

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The Parish Council set up a Steering Group in January 2017 comprised of several Parish Councillors and other members of the community.  The Council specified the Terms of Reference for the Steering Group and sought approval from Wealden that the whole of the Parish should be designated as the area for our NDP.  The individuals forming the Steering Group have changed over time and the current membership includes 3 Parish Councillors, 6 members of the Parish and it is chaired by the head of the Parish Council Planning Sub Committee.  If you have any expertise relevant to the Steering Group or are just interested in helping in the process, please let us know.