Consultation Process

East Hoathly with Halland 

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Consultation Process

An essential part of the Neighbourhood Plan is that we carry out Consultation with our parishioners at all stages.  The Steering Group have endeavoured to do this throughout the process.  The Steering Group has provided updates via newsletters, posters and inputs into the Parish Magazine.  Updates have been made as part of the Annual Parish Meetings and during Council Meetings.   The Steering Group has written to many of the businesses in the Parish and all the Clubs and Societies in the Parish as well as many organizations that may have an interest in our NDP.  The Steering Group will continue to welcome any input.


The following is a record of our previous Consultation Events and Notices used to inform the Parish of our activities.  The Design Forum held over 7th and 8th March 2018 gave the opportunity for many individuals and parish organizations to present their views.  

Nineteen of these formal presentations were recorded and these can be viewed on Youtube.  When you visit Youtube all 19 videos may not automatically be visible, try selecting "Uplaods" to make them all visible.

Written submissions were also produced for the Design Forum and these are included in the Document Library.

Place, Landscape, Architecture, Conservation, Engineering - PLACE Event - 6 Nov 2017

Parish Council Newsletter - December 2017

Visioning Workshop - 24/25 January 2018

Design Forum - 7/8 March 2017

Poster Update - March 2019

Poster Consultation Event - September 2019