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East Hoathly with Halland 

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Document Library

There are a great many documents that have been used to develop the NDP.  This Document Library provides pdf copies of the most important documents and provides links to other websites that contain further information that you may wish to view.

Suggested Websites

Wealden Local Plan 

This website is a library of the Wealden Local Plan submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and contains all the supporting documentation for their Plan.  Wealden Local Plan Submission Library.  The Plan document is also included as a pdf in the Document section below.


Locality is an organization funded by the Government to enable its Localism Policy.  The Locality Website contains useful information about Neighbourhood Planning and provides limited funding.  It has provided funding for our NDP.  

Neighbourhood Planning

This website contains guides to developing Neighbourhood Plans.

East Hoathly with Halland Parish Council

This is the East Hoathly with Halland Parish Council Website

East Hoathly with Halland Community Land Trust

This is the website for the Community Land Trust.


NPPF is the Government Policy on Planning.  These Buttons are external links that take you to the Government Website archives.  The Wealden Local Plan has been written to comply with NPPF 2012 as it was Submitted just prior to the deadline for conforming with the new 2018 legislation.  Since then, revisions have been made to the NPPF and our NDP will have to conform to NPPF 2019.

Written Submissions for Design Event


Wealden Planning Documents

War Memorial Sports Ground Documents